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A health and wellness culture change driver

Persona Mapping | Competitor Analysis | Brand development | UI/UX | Social Media strategy | Content Packaging

Savannah Informatics, a trailblazing tech solutions company, was launching a wellness platform- Be.Well by Slade 360 and needed insights on a consumer facing marketing approach that would best position the app in the Kenyan market

Be.Well Videos

Be.Well Videos

an image of target audiences for a Kenyan marketing campaign

The first of a thousand
step journey

Understanding your target audience is a crucial step in designing meaningful experiences for your clients. BDDL collaborated with the Be.Well team to map out the target clientele and strategies to onboard each...

A social feed with character

With the product at hand, we had to build trust with our target audience. Our social media strategy was a healthy balance of educational content and product sale in a beautifully curated canvas (you know we are artists right?).

Then drumrolls... enter the sales team!

User experience design by BDDL, a Kenyan marketing agency

Tailoring an experience
for the user

Understanding the customers' needs, wants and expectations, translating familiar physical experiences to digital seamlessly saw our UI and UX team work hand in hand with Be.Well engineers to deliver an app that was easy to use and meaningful to the user.

Arrow BW2.png
Arrow BW.png
Social media marketing campaign by BDDL, a Kenyan marketing agency
BeWell_Mirazi Wellness Camp056.jpg
An arrow pointing at a Kenyan social media marketing campaign
branch walls
polo shirt giveaway
Be.Well banner
Be.Well Teardrop
Be.Well Voucher

Rubber meeting the road: Salesforce enablement

With the foundation in place, an active, enthusiastic sales team was set up. Rigorous training on customer engagement was done, supporting materials to make the sales process seamless produced and client information packs developed...

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Did we mention we do photography and videography as well? check out the wellness check Be.Well organized in March 2022