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The VOD platform that does more...

Viusasa, Kenya’s first Video on demand platform, wanted to do a rebrand and change strategy to Platform as a Service. Using a collaborative approach with the Viusasa team, BDDL, together with a sister company, assisted with the UI/UX design, strategy mapping, Go to market alignment and assisted in establishing strategic partnerships to ensure the success of the platform.


For you.

But it's working... 
why change?

To better solve for the problem at hand, there was need to interact with Viusasa's stakeholders to understand the pain points they were experiencing with the platform.


The findings gathered during this phase informed the interventions that were put in place...

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Data driven decisions...

After conducting surveys and observing user interactions with the Viusasa app,

streamlining and personalizing the experience for the user came out as a stark need and opportunity.

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A personalized user

With Viusasa being more than a video on demand platform, the user interface and experience was reimagined with individual user preferences in their consumption patterns in mind.

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Mapping out the core consumers and customers of Viusasa, we collaboratively tailored products for each and curated personalized journeys while constantly testing and iterating.

Understanding the consumer base...

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Driving Ownership

With a focus on pushing the New app to market, a call to driving ownership was the foundation upon which the relaunch campaign was created.

personalized platform built for Kenyans, by Kenyans



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