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High-quality local healthcare for the mass market

Persona Mapping | Competitor Analysis | Brand development | UI/UX | Social Media strategy | Content Packaging

mDaktari solves for unavailable, unaffordable, and low-quality healthcare through a bricks-and-clicks model incorporating brick-and-mortar clinics with digital presence.


Identifying the key personas mDaktari is serving

mDaktari is the click part of a scalable bricks-and-clicks model of well-located clinics and digital presence providing available, affordable and quality healthcare.

Mapping out who will benefit most from the digital solution and innovating around their needs served as the base for solution design.

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With the Curafa franchise having served over 300,000 patients and grown their presence to 14 sites in 4 counties in Kenya, branding mDaktari for trust- building among it's warm customer base was paramount.

Steps taken included photography of the medical personnel, positioning them as thought leaders by giving insights on topics raised in community facebook lives and community outreach through medical camps

Branding for trust-building


Usijitibu Campaign

Knowing how most Kenyans self medicate whenever they are unwell, the USIJITIBU campaign aimed to address this by giving individuals who might need medical attention an efficient alternative to going to hospital by tele-consulting and getting prescriptions to their diagnosed symptoms through mDaktari.

Tailoring an experience
for the user

With multiple channels to access the platform, streamlining the experience on USSD, PWA, M-Pesa  mini app and android app has been a collaborative work in progress to ensure users enjoy using the platform and have their medical needs addressed efficiently and effectively.

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Simplifying the User Journey

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