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4 Easy Social Media Hacks for your Healthcare Brand

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Are you trying to grow a healthcare brand on social media? Then these tips are right up your alley!

More than half the world is active on social media.

So, companies no longer treat marketing on these platforms as an afterthought.

Today, every big brand has an online presence, with detailed strategic campaigns to plan their social media activity.

But as brands in every industry dipped their toes into social media, healthcare procrastinated.

One survey by Greystone from 2015 interviewed healthcare marketers. They admitted to lagging behind other industries when it came to keeping up with the trends.

The reason?

Most marketers can't figure out how to fit healthcare marketing into social media.

Social Media Marketing for Healthcare in Kenya

One goal of the Kenya Community Health Strategy for 2020-2025 is patient empowerment. To create this empowerment, the government has increased public education on health issues. As a result, Kenyans have become more accustomed to healthcare content.

Healthcare marketers can use this situation to grow their brand.

Kenyan patients are primed to learn more about their health. They are also highly engaged in social media.

Marketers can leverage the Kenyan public's acceptance of health media by focusing on creating informative social media marketing content.

How to Make Healthcare Social Media Content that Works

1. Give your brand a voice

Most companies in healthcare come off as sterile.

Being sterile is great when you’re actually practising on patients.

But it's the opposite of what you want on social media.

When talking to potential or current patients, liven up your copy by showing a bit of personality. You can also humanise your brand by showing some of the faces behind your organization.

You should also respond to comments quickly so that people know your brand feels approachable.

2. Educate

As a healthcare brand, your audience will have interest in content on fitness and health.

But the body is complex, and there is a lot of stuff people don’t know about how it works.

You can make your content interesting by fixing this gap.

Inform your audience on common health issues. You can choose preventive advice, or advice about managing a current condition.

Some healthcare professionals even get engagement from rating different treatment plans. You can rate for effectiveness or cost-benefit ratio.

A great example is Dr. Vanita Rattan. She has marketed herself on many platforms by sharing expertise on melanated skin.

Locally, an example is the Doctor’s Diary segment on the KTN TV News YouTube channel. It has been used as a platform for hospitals, and individual practitioners.

3. Counteract Misinformation

Now, we’ve all heard about fake news.

Fake news is very prevalent in healthcare. From miracle cures to slim teas, there are lots of misleading treatments and plans out there.

Using your platform to counteract misinformation can add value for your audience. This type of content also has the bonus of being engaging.

One Kenyan account successful at this type of healthcare social media content is dr_vundi on Instagram. There, psychiatrist Dr. Vundi clears up myths about mental health and wellness. She also offers tips to her audience, which markets the Self-Work Podcast that she hosts. As a result, the number of her podcast’s listeners has grown, as has its sponsorship opportunities.

4. Monitor and Report on a Public Health Crisis

During the COVID pandemic, many people got their updates from social media. This included information on prevention and infection rates. It created a bigger space for healthcare content on social media. It also showed that information on public health crises is valuable to the average user.

Sharing information on monitoring such issues can help establish authority. It also provides value to the average social media user interested in healthcare content.

Healthcare Marketing Case Studies

Theory is great, but seeing things in practice is better.

We’ve partnered with a number of Health IT brands. For some of them, we created social media campaigns that touched on the tips we’ve shared in this article. Here are a couple of their cases -

Interested in learning more about healthcare messaging for social media? Email us at

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