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Boost your Facebook business with 3 quick steps

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Are you curious about boosting your Facebook business page? Whether you are targeting people who love reading books, buying plants or pre-loved goods, these tips will work perfectly for you. Remember to read through till the end for some of our top secret pro tips!

But first.

Facebook allows you to easily reach your target audience with the specific keywords and hashtags that you use.

An effortless and authentic Facebook page legitimizes your business and builds credibility to attract and maintain your audience. When your customer searches your business online and can’t find it, they may think your business isn’t trustworthy, or that it’s outdated.

Some people find it challenging to boost their Facebook following but these tips will put your business on the map!

1. Invite people to like your Facebook page

Everyone likes to be invited to an event. Whether it's your boss inviting you for a Christmas lunch or your friend inviting you for a catch up. Inviting people to like your Facebook page is an effortless way to boost your following on a business page.

This shows that you appreciate the kind of people who are following you. Inviting your friends and family is a great way to promote your business because your loved ones could like and share your business page with potential audiences that can boost engagement.

2. Offer Facebook Giveaways

You should have a giveaway once in a while to boost visibility to your Facebook page. Giveaways help with website traffic and sales. This motivates people to comment and share with their friends or family.

Many of you have probably participated in a giveaway. The rush that comes when you anticipate winning a giveaway is great for audience motivation.

Try to get your audience to write down something personal about why they need the product. This makes it easier for you to identify what your audience likes and who they are.

3. Use Facebook’s Personalized Ads

A personalized ad is an advertisement that is tailored to your audience's interest based on what they search on the internet. A non personalized ad is an advertisement that is not based on your audience's interest or likes but from their current location.

Trust me, your audience prefers ads that are tailored to their interests and habits.

Personalized ads also have a higher click through rate (CTR). Instead of making people skip past them, personalized ads get engagement from users because there are fewer of them, and they are geared towards users’ interests.

​Pro Tips

  • Express yourself with stories.

  • Build a community through Facebook groups.

  • Prioritize Facebook live streams.

In conclusion, use steps like these to make your Facebook business page more accessible to potential audiences. It helps you make your business credible which increases your audience’s trust.

With these three quick steps, you can now boost your page and make your Facebook page stand out.

If you would like a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing, contact us.

Don’t forget to leave a comment about your experiences with marketing your business on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!

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