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How to Create Videos for Short Attention Spans: 4 Hacks

It’s official. Our attention spans for online content are shorter than a goldfish's.

As information becomes easier to get, our attention spans are dropping. Now, researchers say, we can stay focused for 8 seconds when we’re browsing. Goldfish, on the other hand, can stay focused for at least 9 seconds.

But what does that mean for your content?

Whether you’re making videos for direct or organic marketing, this 8-second issue is a big deal.

You’ll have to edit down your videos, and package them in new ways. Back to the drawing board!

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Wondering where to start?

Here are 4 easy tips you can use so your videos always hook and keep the attention of your target audience.

1. Start with a Hook

What’s the most interesting part of your video? This is your hook. Start off with a clip of the most captivating insight you’re sharing.

It doesn’t even matter if there’s little context. Sharing the most exciting clip of the video right at the beginning is now an industry standard with longer/educational content.

It keeps your audience watching so they can get more information and context.

We do this with our own Got To Market podcast, where we share an interesting snippet of every new episode on all our socials.

2. Keep Your Titles Short and Sweet

This applies across every single platform.

Short titles - we’re talking 100 characters or less - increase the click-through rate for your content.

Make sure the title communicates the video’s content in the shortest, most engaging way possible.

Another related tip for websites is to make sure your titles are kept ‘above the fold’.

With websites, this means making sure your content is on the section of the page your visitor sees before they scroll down.

Remember to consider the device your visitor is using. If you get a lot of mobile traffic you have to optimize your mobile web design for this tip.

3. Align Your Content With Trends

Trend-jacking allows you to connect with new audiences that are interested in a trending topic.

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4. Adjust Your Video Length

Most social media platforms and website management tools can tell you how long the average watch time was for your videos.

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Work with this figure to create your next batch of videos.

If you don’t have a bank of videos up already, it’s time to start posting some! Make sure you’re experimenting with different lengths so that you can compare and contrast.

Once you have a few videos up, take a look at how long your viewers are staying engaged before dropping off. This is how long you have to insert a killer hook!

How to make YouTube and Instagram videos - BDDL tip

Are you interested in learning more about reaching your target market? Check out our blog!

You can also get more personalised advice on your video marketing content if you email us - we’re always ready to help a partner grow!

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1 Comment

Amanda Creuwz
Amanda Creuwz
Apr 01

Hi. I can recommend cool software that will allow you to implement this) In it you can combine videos, speed up, slow down, apply sounds and effects. It also includes professional effects

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